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Take me to Rhode Island.

As the Holiday weekend comes to a close I am resistant to return to school. The east coast had an elegant influence on me that has me longing to stay on the oriental seashore. Something about the people, the plaid, the pine and the pacific has me yearning to postpone my departure. Knowing that by Monday i’ll be half asleep drooling over my history textbook I can but only wish I  was planning an escape to block island instead. The musing of an eight hour travel day back to Colorado has me less then excited. Bad airplane food and my brother snoring on my shoulder. How could I not want to be bundled up walking the Providence beach? Watching the blue skies and blue beaches wash out of view I can’t help but to feel quite blue myself.

Skirt – Anthropology

Top – Forever 21

Fifth Avenue


Skirt – Forever 21

Bag – Mango

Vegan Thanksgiving


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Hey kiddos,

Frozen fingers, frosty wind, lifeless fir trees, and an apprehensive family has me settling into Vermont for the holidays. Casually slipping in the request for an animal product free thanksgiving, my grandma nearly fainted. She basically cringes at the word “vegan”. Just moments ago I was so lucky as to have her lecture me about how food selections clearly end relationships. She furthered this angel by telling me about one of her dear old friends, who’s now pretty distant and not so dear since becoming a vegetarian. My nana stopped inviting her to any of her dinner parties because “having to serve a vegetarian made it too hard” for my grandma to cook and truly “overwhelmed” her. I can already smell the Turkey baking in her disapproval. The arrival of my cousin and her family won’t be any easier I must say, knowing they essentially survive off of Pringles and pizza. I guess i’ll be the only one not slipping into a food coma, unless it’s one made from green beans and cranberry sauce.


Pants from Gap ($49.99) on sale for 25-

Shirt from Stradivarius (€8.00)

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